We are so very excited to share this journey with our friends, family, and awesome strangers that are interested in following along! A quick background: We're Brian & Skyler Thomas. Newleyweds. Southern raised. Both Building Science/Construction Management degrees from the great Auburn University (War Eagle!).  Before we married (not even 1/2 year ago), we knew we wanted to do something adventurous. We left our fast-paced corporate jobs in Atlanta, GA in search of a much simpler life. This led us right to the idea of building and living in a house on wheels a little over 200 square-feet.

We are thrilled to document our story of building a little tiny house on wheels in search of a much simpler life. Thanks for following along!

You can shared our blog site - www.wanderingonwheels.squarespace.com and also follow us on Instagram as we will post lots of pictures that may not make it to the blog.

For those of you that have supported & prayed for us so far and continue to do so (only thinking we're HALF crazy), we love you so much and can't wait to share this experience with each and every one of you!

-Brian & Sky